Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to set Hyperlink and bookmark in MS Word-2010

  • Select any word or phrase in your document for which you want to set bookmark. Copy that word/phrase.

  • Go to “Insert” tab and click “Bookmark” tool button. Paste the selected word/phrase in the Bookmark name text Box. Then click “Add” button. In this way, your bookmark is got added.
  • Now select another word/phrase to which you like to set Hyperlink (i.e. on clicking this word, you directly reach to your desired bookmark)
  • Click the “Hyperlink” tool button under “Insert” tab. Then a window appears.
  • Now select the option “Place in this document” in left pane that will show your all bookmarks and headings. Select the bookmark which you like and click “OK”.
In this way, we saw how we can set Hyperlink which refer to some bookmark in the same document.

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